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Summer has arrived at our house.  I suddenly find my spare time reduced to a sliver.  There are big things going on at my house.  My oldest started his first job – hooray!  I’m busy running everyone around, going to the library, and the park, and on walks.  I have to fit in lots of board games, and play-doh time, and coloring.  I get to find ways to distract my almost 13 year old from the ‘I’m bored!’ statement.  I’m moving from one kid to another all day long.

We also have a big reunion coming up in a few weeks.  We have lots of company coming over the next three weeks.  And a few other pretty major things eating up time.  I’m still fitting in genealogy almost every day.


I have run out of time to write about it.  And to read about it.

So, it’s summer break on my blog.

That doesn’t mean I won’t post all summer, just that I will only post when I have time.  This Fall, I’ll be back in full swing.

Happy summer break!

ps- Don’t I have beautiful children?


Photograph Showcase: By the Cash Register

Estelle Duval

Estelle Duval

At one time, my great grandparents owned a restaurant called The Coffee Cup.  It was located somewhere in California.  A few years later my great grandmother worked as a waitress in a restaurant in Washington State near Aberdeen.  I’m not sure which restaurant this photo was taken in.  I have a feeling it might be The Coffee Cup since she is standing with the register open in such a casual manner while her photo is taken.  I love the detail on the hem of her apron.  I imagine it was difficult to keep her clothing so white.


Ancestory Story – Amelia Pallina – 52 Ancestors

Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 2.50.04 PM

A portion of my great grandparent’s marriage record.

Amelia Pallina is my 2nd great grandmother.  Except for the thing is, I don’t know for sure that’s her name.

I know that she exists because I know her son exists.  He is John Costello, my biggest brickwall.

So what do I know about Amelia?  Not much, let’s break it down.

  • I have the above marriage record for her son John that states her name is Amelia Pallina and that she was born in Barcelona, Spain.
  • I have an entry in the front of my mother’s baby book that matches this marriage record.
  • The 1920 & 1930 US Census for John list his mother’s birthplace as Spain.
  • I have a few oral family stories stating that she was the mother of 4 children, John and 3 daughters.

When I look at my tree, my eye always goes right to Amelia’s name.  It is my most recent dead end.  She is a mystery, a woman hidden by mist.  So hidden in fact that I can only see her outline.  And it’s pretty hazy.

Amelia, who are you?  Is that your name?


I also wrote about John Costello here.


FamilySearch News


FamilySearch has announced two features that have me excited.

First up is ‘Hinting’.

Yep, just what it sounds like.  They are working on their own version of the shaky leaf that Ancestry uses.  If this sounds intriguing to you, you will need to participate in Family Tree on FamilySearch in order to use this feature.  It hasn’t been launched yet but is scheduled for ‘soon’.  You can read more here.

Second up are some tools new to the Descendancy View – ‘Data Problems’ and ‘Research Suggestion’.

In Family Tree you can change the view to Descendancy View for one of your ancestors and then click your way through their posterity in list format by expanding and closing things.  It gives you the ability to take a top down approach from one of your ancestors and see if all of their descendants are accounted for.  Off to the side there are now little icons that will indicate if the system believes there is a ‘Data Problem’ or if it has ‘Research Suggestions’ for you.  I have seen several that say things like, ‘Possible data problem, this individual lived for more than 120 years.’  Then I can go right to the person and check it out.  Either I have really awesome genes or someone made a little typo and I need to fix it.  You can read more about these new tools here.

Those FamilySearch folks have been working hard to make their website a powerful, free tool for genealogists.  Have you tried out Family Tree?  What do you think of it?


I’ve Been Tidying Up

gg, the genealogy girl

In an effort to make things easier to peruse I did some adding and updating to the pages on my blog.  There are two things you might care about.  First, there is now a page called Tips & Tricks that has lots of goodies in list format broken down by category.  And second, I created a page with all of the quotes I have put together and I was super creative and called that page Quotes.  :)  Each quote is a thumbnail so you can look quickly and click on anything that interests you.

I toyed with the idea of creating a page for the photos I have posted but that seemed like a lot of work.  It would however help me quickly check to see if I’ve already posted something…  Hmmmm, maybe later.

Hope my tidying up is helpful to someone.  Happy Tuesday!


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